Make a Donation

We cannot make an impact with our programs without your generous material and financial support.

This year have substantially expanded our programs, by tripling the number of our baby bundles, adding the Little Bear Creek Preschool in Salinas to our literacy program, and launching an ambitious car seat program to support 60 under-resourced infants born at Natividad in 2022.  The car seat program alone will increase our budget by $12,000, and we take on this challenge because of the long-lasting value of a "4ever" car seat to a family with very little means.  So your financial support is more important than ever, and we appreciate it very much!

The sky’s the limit—feel free to combine any or all of the below to determine your own donation amount . . . And, of course, no gift is too small.


The 2022 dues buttons are for current members to pay their annual dues.  If a member wishes to make a donation in addition to paying their dues, you can simply increase the amount you donate, and the first $50.00/$80.00 will be allocated to your dues, according to the type of membership you have selected. 

If you want to join us as a new member, please sign up and pay your dues on our

Become a Member page

As the icons below indicate, our payment administrator, PayPal, can process credit card payments as well as PayPal transactions.  Just press the Paypal button and you will be provided with the option of using PayPal, if you have an account or making a credit card payment.

Here are just a few examples of what your donations can purchase for a newborn or preschooler:


  • Two weeks of newborn diapers; or

  • Socks to keep four babies’ feet warm; or 

  • Three preschool book, activity & craft packets


  • Flannel for eight double-sided receiving blankets made by our sewers; or

  • Four long-sleeved & four short-sleeved onesies; or 

  • Five bilingual baby board books 


  • A month’s supply of newborn diapers; or 

  • Batting and quilting for one baby quilt; or

  • Ten packages of baby wipes


  • Ten cotton sleep & play pajamas; or

  • Crafting materials for preschool packets for two lessons; or

  • Ten canvas diaper bags


  • Books for a month's worth of bundles to infants receiving medical care through Catholic Charities;

  • Five parenting books for Siena House Moms; or

  • All of the non-handmade items in a baby bundle


  • The value of all the items inside one of our baby bundles; or

  • Costs for the entire preschool class at the PG State Funded Preschool for each Christ Child lesson; or

  • One year’s hosting fees for our website


  • Almost the full price of the "4ever" car seat provided to the most under-resourced families we serve at Natividad; or

  • The airfare to send a Christ Child leader to the National Convention in Tucson in 2022; or

  • Costs for the entire preschool class at the Little Bear Creek Preschool in Salinas